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Accounts & Audits

We listen to our clients in order to understand their aims and ensure we deliver accurate and effective advice on delivery of year end accounts.

Statutory Accounts

A successful relationship between accountant and client can bring many positives to a clients company.

Our reputation is built on relationships and service delivery. We listen to our clients in order to understand their aims and ensure we deliver accurate and effective advice on delivery of year end accounts.

Many of our clients have told us that even after the first meeting they have gained a feeling of confidence and reassurance with their business strategy.

Leading on from the strategy decisions, LBW create year end accounts in a statutory format ready for filing at companies house. These accounts are delivered to each client as draft accounts prior to filing in order to discuss the opportunities of tax reduction through effective planning.

LBW's Audit Services

Audits are a vital part of any growing company. They help optimise processes, encourage efficiency & ensure legal obligations are met. Although most accountants offer auditing services, you need to be sure you're getting something which is actually going to be of benefit.

LBW offer a personalised audit service, which focuses on your company's specific requirements. You must beware of many accountants, who'll just run through a check list for each company they represent. This does not achieve the benefit of an audit, which is to optimise your processes & improve efficiency through individual assessment.

Our goal of helping maintain company growth leads us to examine all aspects of the company, from checking the books to ensuring you're able to get the most out of your tax efficiency. In order to achieve this, we focus on the relationship rather than trying to just deal with the numbers.


LBW's approach is to focus on your company's specific requirements, and provide recommendations & documentation based on that. You'll receive a set of audited accounts, which creditors, banks & other institutions can use. This is parallel to the requirements set out by HM Revenue & Customs & other official bodies (who determine the legitimacy of audits).

Our audit team will come to your premises, deal with your audit & provide the recommendations & documentation afterwards. The process could take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the company. The price will be based upon the amount of work required, and will be a standard fixed price agreed up front (not chargeable per hour / day). You're welcome to talk to us about the process if you want.

Here are some of the important points to take away:

  • Audits can be for your advantage to many official bodies
  • LBW's audits are personalised (focus on the company first, the numbers second)
  • Can take several days / several weeks
  • Great accountants will talk you through the whole process
  • You should receive actionable improvements afterwards


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