As companies grow, payroll is often something handled by a team member part-time. This is a major problem as it prevents that person from focusing on the things they are great at, stunting company growth over time. Accountancy payroll services are offered by a lot of accountants, which makes it important to be sure which is the most beneficial for you.

LBW provide payroll services giving you peace of mind that you are being fully compliant with all of the latest payroll legislation. Often with only a small volume of employees to process, the payroll itself may not warrant a full-time job within a business. Usually the payroll function is carried out in addition to the duties of an existing employee. In this part- time role, that person is highly unlikely to be able to keep themselves up to date on all aspects of employment legislation. LBW can provide this payroll service and in turn provide businesses with access to trained people who deal with payroll day in day out and who have greater expertise. LBW can provide all this at a high standard with complete confidentiality, whether the payroll is processed weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four weekly or annually. Combining the experience of our payroll and tax department, LBW can ensure that your payroll is processed in the most tax beneficial manner.


  • Confidential paper or electronic payslips
  • Detailed Wage Records
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual PAYE and NIC calculations
  • Real Time Information submissions on/before each pay date
  • Implementation of salary sacrifice schemes
  • Management/guidance of holiday allowances
  • Ensure compliance with new Auto-enrolment rules
  • Administration of childcare vouchers
  • Production of all necessary statutory payroll forms (P45, P46, P60 etc)
  • We can handle all Inland Revenue enquiries

Using our HM Revenue & Customs approved payroll system we can ensure the following:

  • Comply with payroll legislation (maternity, paternity, adoption, sickness etc)
  • Comply with new pension legislation
  • Automate your payroll process
  • Implement the £2,000 employment allowance where applicable